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           Our Unique Dog Grooming Approach:




Perfect Pooch Grooming has served the Austin area since 2001. We have many clients who appreciate our services on a routine scheduled basis.  We specialize in grooming small breed dogs up to 30 pounds, including small dogs with special needs. We believe in top-quality dog grooming.  


Our goal is to furnish the highest quality grooming experience possible for you and your furry family member. We specialize in grooming dogs that have grooming anxieties, are young, elderly, shy or have other special needs. We do not rush dogs through the grooming process. Dogs are capable of learning given the right environment, that grooming should not be feared and will not be a negative experience. We are willing to take the time to talk to our clients about the kind of grooming they desire for their pet. We do not charge for these consultations. We try our hardest to make sure our clients are informed about their dogs overall grooming experience with issues regarding behavior training, teeth maintenance, shedding, skin irritants, diet, etc.


We believe in high quality grooming practices, which typically take more time to accomplish than your average grooming. Our dog grooming process is different than most because we are using premium professional grooming products, sanitizing tools to the barber standards for human hair, shaving hair under paws and between toes, filing nails rounded rather than clipping them, maintaining teeth routinely to prevent plaque and tartar buildup, schedule individual appointments, and groom dogs around the scheduling convenience of our clients.

Services Included with Routine Grooming up to 30lb: 

  • TLC is our specialty; including dogs with grooming anxieties, young, elderly, shy, and dogs with special needs.


  • ​All services performed by Certified Groomer (National Dog Grooming Association of America).


  • Advise client regarding all aspects of dog care at no additional charge.


  • Tools sanitized to Barber standards for human hair.


  • Scissor and trim hair to breed standards or as requested by client.


  • Shave hair under paws, trim hair between toes, and close shave underbelly and sanitary areas as necessary depending on breed standard.


  • Remove hair inside of ears and clean as necessary.


  • Express anal glands as requested.


  • Bath using premium professional shampoo and conditioner as needed.


  • Finish bath with premium professional rehydrating spray.


  • Hand towel massage and hand blow dry coat.


  • Hand brush and de-shed coat as needed.


  • Hand-File and round toenails.


  • Maintain teeth to control bad breath & prevent tooth loss (*An additional service fee applies)

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